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2022 Upcoming Events

Parent Support Group End of Summer Party

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 | 5:30 pm
5016 N Oneida Narrows Rd.
Preston, ID 83263


BBQ pork sandwiches will be provided. Please bring your family, a salad or dessert to share, and lawn chairs. Be ready for fun!

For more information or to answer any questions, please call 208-852-0324.

“Working with children from three to eighteen years old, we offer a number of services to assist adults, children and families with developmental disabilities.” 


Assisting Adults and Children with Developmental Disabilities

Our program allows us to provide services to members of the community that have developmental needs. Working with people as young as three years old, we concentrate on life skills for people to reach their full potential and quality of life they deserve. Our staff has experience with a wide range of developmental disabilities such as down syndrome, autism, and seizure disorders to behavioral challenges that may require a different structural environment. We also help during life transitions such as when a person leaves the school environment, and provide opportunities for outdoor adventures. Rest assured knowing that caregivers work with the entire family unit for complete care and help.

Habilitative Intervention

Our habilitative intervention service helps children with disabilities by facilitating the child’s independence and integration into the community. We provide an opportunity for children to explore their interests, practice skills learned in a therapeutic environment, and learn through participation in community activities. This service enables children to expand their daily living skills and reinforce skills to achieve or maintain mobility, sensory-motor activity, communication, socialization, personal care, and relationship building. This service is designed to increase a child’s adaptive behavior and decrease problematic behaviors.

Family Training & Education

Being informed makes all the difference in the quality of life that both children with disabilities and your family experience. Family training and education help assist you through one-on-one instruction in learning intervention techniques to better meet the needs of your loved ones. Providing support ensures that you are not only able to understand how to give the best care to your loved ones but have all the necessary resources to do so.


Respite care provides assistance to disabled children by facilitating independence and integration into the community. This program offers relief to those who are caring for family members by providing planned breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. This service can be offered in the home, center, or community.

Habilitative Supports

Habilitative supports is a community based service that provides assistance to disabled children by facilitating independence and integration into the community. The supports program enhances the skills learned through intervention as a means to practice those skills in the community setting among their peers.

Residential Habilitation

Our residential habilitation program assists adults with developmental  and intellectual disabilities in developing and maintaining independent living skills in their own homes. Our staff offers services within an individual’s home that are tailored to individual needs, while emphasizing increased independence and participation in the community. We provide a high level of on-going personal care and safety assistance so individuals can live in their own home and direct their own lives.

Adult Day Services

Our adult day services help your loved ones reach their greatest social, educational, cognitive, life and community potential by offering them a variety of activities that stimulate their interest and growth. With supervision and a structured program, we work with individuals to assess their strengths and needs, help them choose programs that will help them progress, and track their regression or progression in the program.

Adult Developmental Therapy

We help create individualized plans to assist your loved ones with developmental and intellectual disabilities, who are 18 and older. Services are provided through individual or group therapy in the community or our developmental disability center. We strive to improve well-being, function, and participation in family and community.

Parent & Caregiver Support Group

This group is for parents and caretakers to stay connected between our monthly meetings and create a network of support. FCMC Developmental Disability Agency monitors the group to help direct members to resources and provide other guidance as needed.

“Dedicated to ensuring opportunities for your loved ones with disabilities, we work to increase their independence, productivity, and community integration.”  

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